Instructional Objectives

Spiritual Goals

  1. Students will recognize that the Bible is inspired and the only infallible authoritative Word of God, thus developing attitudes of love and respect toward it.
  2. Students will confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives and recognize their dependence upon the direction of the Holy Spirit for Christian living.
  3. Students will continually develop and exhibit Christ-like character qualities.
  4. Students will understand the Christian's responsibility to always be prepared to testify to others concerning their faith in Christ.
  5. Students will hide God's Word in their hearts through memorization and meditation.

Academic Goals

  1. Students will learn to relate to God's world around them through a general study of speech and language, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
  2. Students will acquire the ability to live intelligently and productively as an individual, a member of a family, and in society.
  3. Students will develop an appreciation for Biblical moral, aesthetic, and spiritual values.
  4. Students will acquire the ability to conduct research and reason logically from a Biblical perspective.
  5. Students will learn to think creatively and critically, evaluating all knowledge in light of Biblical truth.

Social Goals

  1. Students will understand each Christian's place in the Body of Christ, the church's mission, and be provided opportunities to participate in fulfilling the mission.
  2. Students will acquire attitudes of respect for and submission to godly authority.
  3. Students will learn to treat everyone with love and respect as unique individuals created in God's image.
  4. Students will exhibit good citizenship through an understanding and appreciation for our Christian and American heritages (home, church, and nation).