How To Prepare Your Child For The New School Year

How To Prepare Your Child For The New School Year

It seems as though Summer break just started, but we are about halfway through it already. As we start rounding out this much-needed vacation time, it’s time to start thinking about the new school year and how to prepare yourself and your child for the upcoming year and starting a new grade. Starting early – not the week before classes start – can help instill some good habits to get you and your child off to a good start for this new year.

Get Back Into A Routine

A few weeks before school starts is when you should start getting back to the habit of having a routine. During the Summer, it’s easy to allow your child to go to sleep later and wake up earlier. Gradually introduce a sleeping schedule by making sure your child goes to sleep earlier and earlier until they’ve reached your intended bedtime. To make this transition easier, create restrictions for their electronics, make sure they shower and brush their teeth. Whatever your routine usually looks like, try to start picking it back up before they start school. 

Schedule A Doctor’s Visit

Going to the doctor before school starts is often overlooked, but it’s a great habit to have every year to make sure your child is growing and developing at a good pace, as well as allowing the doctor to go over and administer any needed vaccinations for the school year. If your child is going to be playing sports in the upcoming school year, then this is the time to get in a physical with your child’s care provider so they get the okay to play.

Go To Orientation

Many schools offer orientation prior to school starting so that the children and parents can meet their teachers, know where their classrooms are and ask any questions they may have. If your school hasn’t announced an orientation towards the end of Summer, ask if you can bring your child to meet their teacher and show them their new classroom before school officially begins. Doing this can alleviate any first-day fears that your child may experience.

Get Organized

The last thing you want to deal with is rushing around the day or weekend before school is about to start, trying to get your child’s school supplies ready, things to pack for lunch, or new shoes and school clothes. Allow your child to be involved in this process. Seeing the new supplies and getting new clothes might create an excitement for them that will have them ready to get back to school. 

Starting a new school year can be overwhelming for children, especially at such a young age when they are full of emotion and don’t know how to process their emotions. Mentally and physically preparing your child will ensure that the first day and week blues are at a minimum, and will make the transition from Summer to the new semester as seamless as possible.

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